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Toniton x Beslag Design

Toniton x Beslag Design

Tekla Severin (@tekla) and the team at Toniton has spent years of research and testing when developing the Toniton Colours. The result is six selected palettes that stand the test of time and fit any interior. If you are searching for the right tone of colour you can be sure that Toniton already found it.
The six palettes of Toniton Colours matches perfectly with each other. Combine the handles with fronts, faucets, tiles, wall paint etc and rest assured it all matches.
The Toniton Colours are developed to be timeless. The design language of the handles and Toniton’s other furnishings is based on simplicity and geometric shapes. The intention is to achieve sustainable design founded on the belief that colour is the only decoration needed. Toniton design their products to last for many years, this means that you can buy the handles now and add other products from the Toniton range years later.
Toniton have launched four designs; Knob Circular, Knob Key, Handle Thread and Profile handle Hide.
Kandinsky once said that ”colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. We couldn’t agree more. It also turns out that contemporary research proves him right! In short: surround yourself with colour and feel peachy.
At Toniton they believe that people need more colour in their lives and they set out to achieve this by making things easier.

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-20%Handle Toniton | Thread | 14.8cm Handle Toniton | Thread | 14.8cm
Beslag Design x Toniton
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